For Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA) Australia and those involved in our sector it has been a busy year with strong housing markets. Over the years FTMA continually updates its national database – for membership reasons but also to keep statistics on where the industry is heading and whether this reflects the markets.

The latest fabricator update completed in October showed 283 plants existing in Australia compared to 305 plants in May 2013, highlighting that 23 businesses have closed due to financial reasons or through restructure in just over two years.

It’s amazing when you look at the fabricator losses in NSW and VIC, yet the market has increased significantly in both states. However, you again need to look at the finer details including the change in market share of dwellings to mid-rise apartments, which don’t necessarily go to our sector.

Who in our industry is ready for the possible change to the 2016 National Construction Code that would allow Australians to build timber structures up to six storeys? This change could provide a huge possibility for our sector as lightweight systems, such as cassettes, will be the way of future building – a trend that has been witnessed in Europe. The FTMA urges those of you who have not given the code change much thought to ponder on the potential new market over the Christmas break. We need fabricators in all states ready and willing to deliver new systems if the changes to the NCC 2016 are accepted.

FTMA Australia is always looking for ways to increase member benefits and we believe the new Advantage Card and Advantage Plus programs will be fantastic initiatives for our members and their customers.

In November, we held a special presentation on this exciting new program in combination with our annual general meeting and November Networking Dinner.

AdvantageCard is Australia’s only multi-trader rewards and loyalty program. Your customers receive a cash rebate using sophisticated technology and a proven marketing plan that can dramatically increase loyalty and spend. Cash points earned can be spent with any partner, including back with you. This ensures that you reward your best customers year in, year out.

AdvantagePlus offers financial services tailored to meet the needs of those involved in the building and construction industry. First Class Capital is an AdvantagePlus strategic partner offering a perfect cash flow solution for members, suppliers and their customers!

You get paid within 48 hours of delivery of your sale, whilst providing eligible customers with six monthly instalment payment terms. Imagine being able to tell selected customers they are pre-approved for $20,000 finance! For more information on how you can benefit from this program, contact Kersten Gentle on 0418 226 242.


I have always spruiked over the years that one of the things I love about this job is the people. In October I took this to a whole new level, marrying one of my board members…

Well, performing the marriage ceremony that is! Yes I am a Marriage Celebrant and I had the pleasure of officiating the wedding ceremony for Phil Ladson and his new bride Anne.

However, even though Phil and Anne will last forever, for me unfortunately, I was given the news the following week that Phil had tendered his resignation from Multinail and consequently the FTMA Board to carve out a new life with Anne.

Phil started way back in the days of the old Roof Truss and Wall Frame Association Victoria and has worked hard with the board ever since, playing a pivotal role in the creation of FTMA Australia as a national Association representing the fabricators within the frame and truss industry.

Michael Read of Keith Timber & Hardware in South Australia has also tendered his resignation after serving six years on the FTMA Board and, like Phil, will be sadly missed.

We wish them both the best, Phil for his new adventure and Michael staying on as a member of the Association.

Finally on behalf of the FTMA Board we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. Enjoy the break and we look forward to another busy year in 2016.


For more information contact Kersten Gentle on 0418 226 242.