The Innovation Working Graph (IWG), as reported in TimberTrader News throughout the year, focused on a number of initiatives, which would benefit fabricators settling our focus on the key issue of timber waste within the frame and truss sector.

Of course, this isn’t saying that fabricators waste timber, it’s looking at the disposal of timber offcuts. This is estimated at an average 7 per cent of the fabricators’ total timber input costs and is costing our industry millions of dollars.

The big issue of course is the increased use of H2 Timber, which for the record I believe to be a good thing for our sector, however, with it comes increased costs which needs to be addressed.

FTMA Australia, working collaboratively with ForestWorks, TABMA and the TTIA, are hosting three seminars in late February in the ACT, Illawarra District and West Sydney Region to address this issue as these areas face the highest disposal costs in the country.

A few ideas have been raised such as:

  • Developing clusters with fabricators to collectively tender out waste
  • Bio-Fuel options
  • Pellet manufacturing
  • Studies in to the use of H2 timber to increase opportunities for disposal.

We are hoping these seminars will identify other opportunities such as looking at other industries who may be able to use our waste and even looking within the industry as to who may be able to take up some of the waste.

ForestWorks has provided the services of Peter McLean from Developmental Impacts to assist the industry in recognising its innovative capabilities through collaboration and finding an answer to the growing waste issue.

Peter’s work to date has been outstanding as he has the depth of experience in finding the right connections, building value to grow your businesses capability, tapping into supply chain opportunities and developing strategic networks.

The West Sydney Seminar will run from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and will finish with a presentation by TTIA’s Janet Gilbert on important Work Cover issues affecting the frame and truss industry before a light networking lunch.

FTMA, ForestWorks, TABMA and TTIA encourage fabricators and suppliers to the frame and truss industry to attend one of these forums or to give us a call to find out how you may get involved.


For further information on the seminars please call me on 0418 226 242 or email me at



By now you should all have your registration forms for the FTMA Australia National Conference which is being held at Novotel Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, on 28 April 2015.

This conference continues the theme of the above seminars as it is about collaboration amongst fabricators who, I hope, will have the most to say at the event.

So many events are organised where delegates are lectured to about products and ideas instead of providing fabricators with fair dinkum opportunities for input.

The amount of knowledge fabricators have, including fresh ideas on ways to innovate through safety, retaining employees and the development of new products, is amazing. We are hoping the FTMA National Conference will be the place that this knowledge is shared and
that fabricators will have the opportunity to have their say on key issues facing their business.

The Trade Exhibit will be the biggest ever held at the National Conference Centre with an expected 17 exhibitors.

Currently 15 are locked in with only two sponsorship packages remaining, which is outstanding and will ensure delegates have the opportunity to talk to timber companies, sawing experts, nail plate companies, skills council, trade partners and insurance providers.


If you are interested in snapping up the final two sponsorship packages or have any questions regarding the FTMA Australia National Conference please contact me on 0418 226 242.



FTMA Australia would like to welcome new Bronze Sponsor Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products. CHHWP have been working closely with FTMA on the Prefabricated Ground Floor Project with others and we welcome them as an annual Bronze Sponsor.

Fabricators will be able to catch up with them and other timber sponsors such as StoraEnso, Hyne, LP Building Products and McCormack Hardwood Sales at the upcoming National Conference.


I want to finish off this month’s column by giving a heartfelt thank you to Greg King and Alma Reynolds for their outstanding contribution to the industry through TimberTrader News. Greg’s involvement has spanned close on 30 years and there is no doubt he is one of the most, if not the most, networked person in the industry.

I am pleased he will be staying on board for a while and we look forward to working with Great Southern Press on the legacy Greg has built.

I’m sure with all their community activities such as Rotary Greg and Alma won’t have time to slow down too much, but we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.


For more information contact Kersten Gentle on 0418 226 242.