(If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen what I’m writing about then someone’s nicked it and you’ll have to pinch it back, or chase it up on our website.)

There were many people involved in the production of this special publication and I believe the team has been able to present a wonderful souvenir recognising our first 30 years. I personally thank everyone at Great Southern Press who contributed to this project.

I was privileged to have the opportunity to spend time going through every issue and reliving the countless memories of my time as owner and publisher.

For every story I’ve written about there are dozens of events, articles, picture galleries or special occasions we haven’t covered. These memories only represent
a snapshot of the hundreds of stories produced over three decades.
With this special edition I’d like to acknowledge and thank the many people who have helped take TimberTrader News from an eight page tabloid newspaper, circulated to a limited audience in Victoria, to the national full colour magazine it is today.

My first business partner was the late Bob Grant, with whom I worked for seven years producing a number of industry publications including this one. Bob was
the silent support, both financially and in mentorship. We maintained our strong friendship well after our business split in 1992 until his death almost four years ago.

My late wife Paula was my rock in the development of TTN. We met in October 1986 at an industry launch, we married in 1988 and from 1992 until her passing in early 2009 we operated our business and personal interests as a team.

Helen Hatty was our writer for over 20 years until she left us in February 2012. Helen was the voice of the editorial department many people spoke to when reporting on the goings-on in the industry.

Two very special production people were involved with TTN over the three decades. For the first seven years the late Ray Petrie was our production guru and for the following 23 years Dan Grant, Paula’s son and my stepson, produced a fantastic magazine and helped take us into the digital age.

There were a number of other writers and advisors who have come and gone and I thank them for their contributions. The late Bob Lamb, Paul Davis, Ray and Sharon Brice, and Emma Watt have all had important parts to play in providing our readers with current and relevant content through their monthly columns.

Finally, to Alma Reynolds, my wife and business partner of the last five years. Without her to pick me up after a difficult time I wouldn’t have been able to continue with TimberTrader News.

To all our long-term advertisers, both past and present, and far too numerous to mention by name, I thank you for your commitment then and your on going involvement into the future.

And to our readers. You’re the reason why we exist. I thank you for your unfailing support, your suggestions and your total engagement. TimberTrader News is your industry magazine.