In recent weeks, we have been contacted by various Timber and Building Materials Association (TABMA) members and non-members, all trying to understand how the recent changes announced to the Australian and state based training systems will affect them.

In simple terms, understanding the process of accessing government funding to complete training for full or part-time qualifications can be a nightmare. Accessing this funding can be cumbersome, and even more difficult if you have a previous qualification.

The training system differs state by state, depending on the amount of previous qualifications and -of course – the level of previous qualifications. Additional factors include the trainee’s current employment status, how long ago previous qualifications were achieved and the individuals availability.

The systems continue to change, for example, the South Australian Government has recently decided to no longer fund the three core timber traineeships, timber merchandising, timber manufactured products, and timber truss and frame design and manufacture. This effectively means that the cost of training in South Australia has increased substantially.

At the same time, the New South Wales (NSW) Government has announced that it will do away with the “˜regions’, thereby allowing the three core timber traineeships to be funded across NSW.

Queensland has recently included timber truss and frame qualifications. In short, each jurisdiction has different arrangements and differing requirements, meaning that keeping abreast of it all can be confusing.

TABMA has provisions in place so that our traineeships can be delivered across all Australian states through group training arrangements. We can recruit the trainees, employ them, and then ensure that we maximise the benefits to our members by accessing government funding if available.

For more information, please contact Steve Cunningham on (02) 9277 3100.

Fitec Australia can also assist your organisation through various qualifications and part-qualifications, short courses, high-level qualifications, and even up to an Advanced Diploma level. If funding is available, then Fitec will assist you to access it.
For further details please contact June Dunleavy on (07) 3456 7069.

The future is not guaranteed, and the systems will continue to change – however – TABMA is committed to assisting members navigate the current training systems available.

This will ensure Australia has, and maintains, a vibrant and diverse range of skills and qualifications within the timber industry.