Stephen FrayOver the past few years the MiTek Group of companies has grown steadily and diversified. They are now a truly global company with interests in many markets.

“Managing growth requires both leadership and accountability, and at MiTek we are fortunate to have a seasoned group of executives with the skills and leadership qualifications to accept this challenge and tot ake the company forward,” said Tom Manenti, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MiTek Industries Inc to TimberTrader News.

“However, with expansion comes the need to occasionally make structural adjustments within the organisation to ensure ongoing success,” commented Tom.

With that in mind, MiTek has announced Stephen Fray would be promoted to the newly created role of Group President for MiTek International, effective 1 July 2015,with all Group Managing Directors for MiTek businesses outside North America now reporting to him.

“Stephen, as a long-time member of our Senior Executive Team, has worked extensively across many regions and countries, resulting in a diverse insight into our industry. This position enables MiTek and our customers to take advantage of his global perspective and wealth of experience in an ever-evolving and dynamic business environment, “said Tom.

“This restructuring is primarily related to our residential construction business outside North America and will afford me more time to dedicate to other areas of development for our company,” he added.

Stephen will continue to report to Tom, and while his home base remains in Australia, he will spend more time in the United States and other parts of the world.

Stephen is also set to pursue residential and diversified acquisitions internationally through a close working relationship with MiTek leaders.

Concurrent with Stephen’s promotion, current Managing Director for Australia, Andrew Bricknell, has been promoted to Group Managing Director, MiTek Asia Pacific. In addition to Andrew’s direct responsibilities for MiTek Australia, he will now also oversee the MiTek New Zealand operation.

“I’m confident that these changes will further strengthen MiTek and our already prominent residential construction businesses in the Asia Pacific region,” said Tom.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such a fine group of leaders in executive positions who lead so effectively, promoting teamwork and excellence as we continue to grow and diversify,” Tom added.


In addition to the global management changes outlined by Tom Manenti, Andrew also announced several changes in the Australian management group to take effect from 1 July, 2015.


Peter Hutchison, formerly State Manager for New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, has been promoted to the role of National Sales Manager for MiTek Australia.

“Peter has a wealth of experience in this area and will ensure we strengthen our relationships even more with our customers across Australia,” said Andrew. “In addition he will be in a position to assist with the ongoing rollout out of the SAPPHIRE (c) Suite, a project which has been underway for some months now,” Andrew added.


Tim Rossiter has been the Chief Engineer for MiTek NSW over many years, and in addition to this role has contributed significantly to the company with his involvement from Chairman of New Products to presentations at many conferences.

“In acknowledgement of Tim’s fine work he has been promoted to the role of State Manager for NSW and WA,” Andrew said.


In Victoria, current Branch Manager Mark Smiles has been promoted to the role of State Manager of Victoria.

“Mark has been with MiTek for many years and has a close working relationship with customers and that, combined with excellent technical skills, will bring a high degree of professionalism to this role,” Andrew announced.

“These changes will consolidate our strengths and, improve service to our customers. The ability to promote from within our own ranks bears testament to the quality of people we employ and to our commitment to ongoing personal, professional and business development,” he concluded.