Master Builders Australia congratulates the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP on being sworn in as Prime Minister.

“Master Builders also welcomes the appointment of the new Ministry to reflect the Prime Minister’s commitment to delivering on the policy agenda the Government took to the election and for which they now have a clear mandate, particularly in driving a stronger economy, bringing back the ABCC, lifting productivity and creating liveable communities,” says ,” Wilhelm Harnisch,” CEO of Master Builders Australia.

“The Prime Minister’s commitment to the economy and budget repair as a key priority for his government is important to boosting business and consumer confidence.  Without an economic plan business will not invest and home buyers will hesitate in buying new homes.”

Master Builders is also asking the Prime Minister to proceed with measures that will deliver a real solution to housing affordability by increasing the supply of new homes.

“The Government has clear a mandate to bring back the ABCC and introduce a Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) as this is important for the economy and the community,” Harnisch says. “These measures will lower the cost of construction at a time when the community is calling for greater investment in schools and hospitals while expecting the Government to tackle the nation’s debt and deficit problems.”

The ABCC will be similarly important for delivering on the Government’s commitment to more investment in urban infrastructure projects, Harnisch continues.

“Master Builders looks forward to working with respective Ministers to advance policies that provide our industry with jobs and skills for the future including support for training more young people through an industry driven apprenticeship scheme and measures to increase the participation of women in our industry,” he says.


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