Since 1966 Worldwide Timber Traders (WWTT) has been WA’s largest manufacture of timber truss and veneer board. WWTT provide a number of services including timber machining and a cut and edge facility.  While supplying timber to the building industry, WWTT further stock a wide variety of decorative panels for commercial and domestic applications and also service DIY markets.

WWTT’s objectives are to provide their customers with all of the latest styles and innovations that are available both locally and nationally. With their industry constantly evolving, WWTT began the search for an all-in-one software solution that would revolutionise their current procedures and help maintain control of their business processes.


Needing a solution

Being in such a diverse market meant that WWTT faced a unique problem due to limitations with their existing software. They constantly found that it needed improving as their business requirements evolved over time.

Before implementing TIMMS, WWTT used Timpak as their primary operational software. As the business continued to grow, more processes were being performed “off-system”.

“We found that being able to do all our business requirements with one program made it more efficient,” says Belinda Hovell, Worldwide Timber Traders stock control manager.

“TIMMS looked to be the appropriate solution as it provided the programs that would cater to all needs of the business and had the technology to back them up.”

Since implementing TIMMS, WWTT has found that TIMMS can help manage sales, manufacturing, financials and other services in the one convenient place. “TIMMS (re-
processing) has enabled a lot of our manual practices, to be turned into automated processes which have improved several areas of the business,” Hovell says.


Covering all bases

The structure of TIMMS means WWTT can provide a smooth process for their customers which provides them with a confirmation of their order, eliminating delivery errors or incorrect pricing.

“The biggest outcome for WWTT is that TIMMS is able to solve the problem on the spot 95 percent of the time. Or if not, it is actioned immediately,” Hovell says.

“We use TIMMS on a day-to-day basis. It covers all aspects of our business providing all sales, stock and employee data to keep it running smoothly.

“We have been able to build on the functionality of TIMMS which has allowed us to see where the company was and how it is now and where it can go in the future”.

“The re-processing module is key to our manufacturing section of the company.”

According to Hovell, the main benefit of TIMMS is being able to modify any of the existing modules to suit the company’s individual department needs. “Also, if an improvement is done to a module in TIMMS, everyone benefits from it,” she says.

WWTT recommends TIMMS due to the structure of the modules and its reporting and tracking capabilities. “The re-processing module is key to the manufacturing section of the company,” Hovell says. “And the WilldooIT staff are very informative and patient when it comes to an issues that may not makes sense to the user”.


TIMMS Re-processing module overview

The TIMMS re-processing module has been designed to provide you with complete end-to-end tracking and management of all aspects relating to each production.

You can track initial input stock, additional input stock, processing and handling tasks, production tasks/management and “all-up” costs.

Types of processing that can be tracked:

  • Docking and precision cutting to length
  • Molding production
  • Custom machining/custom routing
  • Frame and truss manufacture
  • Treatment of stock
  • Bill of materials production
  • Manufacturing of doors, windows, etc (combining raw/finished products)


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