Some good business advice is now helping fight Covid.

Years ago, one of Hans Unger’s customers advised him to diversify his business rather than rely on his labour. He listened and added multiple new lines. As a flooring specialist, some, such as his SupaBord and MightyBord surface protection products have been obvious steps. His latest, Hansie Hands, is more of a surprise.

“Back in January, another friend who works for one of the big sanitising companies warned me that there were going to be problems coming because they were locked down in contracts with overseas supply,” Unger says.

Concerned there would be greater demand than supply, Unger began working on compliance and product development: “We started to take stock in of hand sanitiser, which we designed as one-litre pump packs for factory jobs and hardware stores. There’s a bracket we’ve designed that’s easy to use, and it also comes in a 500mL pack that fits into a cupholder in your car.”

He adds, “We’ve been putting a squirt onto a paper towel and using that as a wipe, since antibacterial wipes are hard to find. It’s economical, but effective.”

Hansie Hands is going directly into 180 hardware stores as well as to other commercial customers and cleaners. “When this crisis passes, I think we’ll have changed the way we deal with sanitation forever. It will become a part of the culture here,” Unger predicts.

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