Above: The Porta Team that John Pizzey built


The family and team at Porta pay tribute to the late John Pizzey and describe how his visionary legacy will shape the decorative timber specialist’s future, maintaining his sustainable goals.

In the midst of Australia’s rich timber heritage, we take a moment to honour and reflect on the enduring legacy of a true visionary, John Pizzey. His passing on 26 October, 2023, signifies not only the loss of our esteemed managing director and owner but also marks a pivotal moment in the history of Porta, a fifth-generation family company deeply intertwined with Australia’s timber industry legacy. This tribute, filled with deep respect and affection, comes from his wife Helen, his children Claire, Olivia, and Thomas, and the entire Porta community.

John’s remarkable 40-year tenure at Porta was a period of profound transformation and growth. His visionary leadership catapulted Porta to become one of Australia’s premier suppliers of decorative timber products, blending innovation with a commitment to quality and excellence.

Above: John Pizzey guided Porta’s growth since 1979


John’s dedication to tradition and environmental stewardship has been pivotal in shaping our company. He meticulously oversaw the production and distribution of our diverse range of timber products, sourced from both local and imported certified species. His belief in timber sustainability was unwavering, always prioritising certified timber sources.

During challenging market shifts, it was John’s comprehensive understanding of timber, particularly Tasmanian Oak, that guided Porta through adversity. His passion for timber and its potential transformed our approach to timber merchandising and established Porta’s unrivalled presence in the industry.

Above: This photo of a 3AW outside broadcast van by David Holmes shows the

Porta headquarters on Heidelberg Rd Northcote in the late 1950s/early 60s.



We are delighted to announce Mark Bejatovic as Porta’s newly appointed CEO, a decision met with enthusiastic approval from both John Pizzey before his passing and the board members. John’s insightful foresight and the board’s collective confidence in Mark’s leadership capabilities underscore this choice. Mark embodies John’s visionary values and leadership philosophy, aligning closely with Porta’s core principles. His unique strengths, coupled with the strong foundation laid by John, position him perfectly to lead Porta into a future of innovation, growth, and progress. This appointment marks a pivotal step in ensuring Porta’s continued success and dynamic evolution in the timber industry.

In this new chapter, with Mark, and John’s family guiding us, we at Porta are thrilled to introduce a range of cutting-edge products. At the forefront is our Porta Contours Tasmanian Oak in Featured Grade, a product that truly exemplifies our dedication to quality and sustainability. This variety of timber grade is crafted from sustainably sourced and PEFC-certified Tasmanian Oak, reflecting our dedication to responsible and eco-friendly practices.

We are also proud to announce the launch of Portaline, our latest addition to the Porta Lining Board products. These 12mm thick boards are not just a testament to our innovative spirit but are also designed for simple installation and an impressive finish. Portaline is specifically crafted to cater to the modern DIY enthusiast, ensuring that the individual’s spaces are not just styled but personalised.

At Porta, we believe in more than just producing timber products; we aim to transform timber into elegant, environmentally responsible design solutions. The unique profiles and adaptability of our products invite you to reimagine your spaces, infusing them with the natural beauty and warmth of timber. We have more exciting products lined up to unveil in the coming months. These launches are not just additions to our product range; they are a continuation of the forward-thinking and environmentally responsible legacy that John Pizzey so passionately built.

Our growth and the positive reception of our products in the market are testaments to our enduring commitment to excellence. The trust our customers placed in us, nurtured over generations, transcends mere acknowledgment of our past successes; it lays the groundwork for our future endeavours. These subtle yet impactful signs highlight Porta’s esteemed position as a market leader in the Australian timber industry, showcasing a legacy steeped in excellence and a horizon rich with possibilities.

As we forge ahead, the indomitable spirit and visionary values that John Pizzey instilled in Porta continue to inspire us. We are steadfast in our commitment to uphold the high standards and pioneering values he championed. Together, we pledge to honour and build upon the legacy and future of Porta, a company that is not only a significant part of Australia’s timber industry but also a symbol of a sustainable and innovative future. For more, visit www.porta.com.au