Category: No. 349 // August 2015

A quiet conversation

Here we find ourselves on the banks of the Mooloolah River on the stunning Sunshine Coast, for this month’s A Quiet Conversation. With me is Ross and Yvonne Raynor and their three-year old grand-daughter Lani. It’s late April, which means it’s still warm on the coast.

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Bracing wall distribution

The Australian Standard (AS) 1684 “˜Residential Timber Framed Construction’ document states that, “Wall bracing shall be approximately evenly distributed throughout the building” and, furthermore “Shall be placed in the external walls and at the corners of the building as much as possible” (refer to clause

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Getting to know Hoo

Otherwise known as “˜The Great Snark of the Universe’, Mary O’Meara Moynihan is the first female World President in over 120 years for Hoo-Hoo International. Megan Macdonald sat down with Mary during her recent visit to Australia for the Hoo-Hoo Jurisdiction IV Conference, to talk timber, passion and the importance of women in business.

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A walk down memory lane

You can’t teach desire or passion. Fortunately Greg King, the founding publisher of TimberTrader News, had enough of both to ensure the magazine’s survival over the past 30 years. It’s been his baby, and he’s very proud of it. Megan Macdonald got out the tape recorder for this special interview.

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