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Bracing wall distribution

The Australian Standard (AS) 1684 “˜Residential Timber Framed Construction’ document states that, “Wall bracing shall be approximately evenly distributed throughout the building” and, furthermore “Shall be placed in the external walls and at the corners of the building as much as possible” (refer to clause

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An overloaded floor accident waiting to happen

I was recently asked to inspect a PosiStrut floor that had been damaged after being loaded by a stockpile of plasterboard sheets. As soon as I heard this, I immediately advised the truss fabricator that the builder would need to be notified and that the affected area required a prop, as well as the removal of the stockpile to relieve the load.

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Haste makes waste: training apprentices

Do apprentices always receive the training and supervision they deserve? By mistaking haste for efficiency, identifying when an apprentice has received the appropriate level of training is something that can easily slip through the gaps unless a conscious effort is made. This could result in a shambolic situation that comes back to bite you.

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The dreaded ‘R’ word

Rectifications! Truss installation courses and numerous GN Guidelines (e.g. Editions No. 109 and No. 196) constantly push the message to leave trusses alone. In spite of this, we continue to receive requests for truss modifications, or worse, to fix those which have been hacked.

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