The wrap will apply to product sold to the Australian market in what creates brand recognition for the renaming of the NZ business.

Mr John McPhail, Timberlink New Zealand’s export manager, said “Working with the Timberlink marketing team and understanding how well regarded the Flight Timbers F7 treated product is in Australia, particularly in NSW and QLD where the majority is sold, we realised there was an opportunity to transition with a dual brand wrap on the product.

“Our goal here is to assure customers that whilst the name and ownership has changed, they can still count on the superior quality of the outdoor structural grade from the Blenheim sawmill,” commented Mr McPhail.

Approximately 50 per cent of log intake at the Blenheim sawmill is processed with pruned, high-grade logs. This enables the F7 structural grade for outdoor to be of a high-grade appearance to offer the Australian customer base.

Timberlink’s general manager of marketing and business development Christine Briggs said “Part of the strategic value of acquiring the Flight Timbers business, which we recognised at the time of purchase, is the value and reputation of the actual Flight name.

The business sale agreement allows us to use the Flight name in transition. We are very focussed on ensuring the market in Australia understands the name change from Flight to Timberlink whilst also retaining their preference and confidence in the quality of the outdoor structural product from this mill.”