The new digital survey will mean we can survey a larger number of businesses, which means more accurate data. It also means we can collect more information, to give you a deeper understanding of what is going on in the industry.

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May results

The participants for May’s survey included frame and truss fabricators (33 per cent) and merchants (33 per cent). They were joined by wholesalers/suppliers/machinery/services, flooring retailers and contractors, which collectively made up the remaining 34 per cent.

The sample represented a broad scope of the industry across Australia, including businesses from both metropolitan (56 per cent) and regional (44 per cent) areas. Small businesses represented the majority of respondents (55 per cent).

Key findings

Performance against budget:

  • 38 per cent made budget
  • 29 per cent exceeded budget.

Staff hires:

  • 41 per cent employed more staff
  • 12 per cent had to reduce staff
  • 47 per cent reported no changes.

Lead times:

Business lead times ranged from two days to up to three months.

Three to four weeks was the average lead time for roof truss and pre-nailed wall frames, but some respondents stated that lately it had increased to five to six weeks due to demand, especially in metropolitan NSW. This survey is a guide only as to the “state of our industry”.

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