AFA is offering the latest in world-leading machinery and manufacturing

Australian Framing Automation (AFA) is an Australian-based company representing Modular Building Automation (MBA) and their timber framing machinery and floor cassette manufacturing machinery products.

MBA is a joint venture between JJ Smith Woodworking Machinery Ltd based in Liverpool, England; and H&M Houtbewerkingsmachines based in Sneek, Netherlands. MBA offers a complete range of equipment for the manufacture of wooden panels used in the construction of buildings, including machinery for wall, floor and roof cassette manufacturing.

“The combination of the long-established JJ Smith with its extensive experience of the market and H&M with their leading-edge manufacturing techniques means that our customers gains the benefit of the correct machine, efficiently designed and manufactured to a high standard,” says Stefan Marquart, AFA general manager.

With equipment from both the standard range of MBA machinery as well as customised MBA equipment solutions, AFA customers are able to produce more efficiently, faster, more precisely and in a controlled environment. Material is used more efficiently and less waste is produced. And with machines for the floor cassette and wall panel production as well as bridges and handling equipment, AFA can offer solutions from manual to fully automated machines for prefabrication.

One of the MBA machines is the Mobi-One, a complete assembly machine for timber frame panel walls.

“This machine allows you to build a wall panel in a relatively small space by having a very high level of accuracy,” Marquart says. “This machine allows small to medium suppliers and builders to take the step into prefabrication with a reasonable investment and smaller space requirement compared to the full production lines for the industry.

“Having production offsite means that the customer can make better use of material and resources, save travel time to and from the work site and always have all the necessary material and hardware on hand, which again saves time. Also by the use of AFA-supplied equipment, the work is made easier for staff by avoiding heavy lifting and working at height.”

Risk of injury is reduced, taking production indoors removes the risk of poor weather halting progress and the onsite assembly process is faster than conventional building processes, which allows the construction to get to lock-up stage more quickly.

AFA is also representing Muetek (Germany) briquetting presses and wood shredder machines for waste management for framing and prefabrication companies, and importing Stromab automatic cross cut saws.

“The computerised Stromab push-fed saws allow accurate and quick cutting for components for prefabricated panels and floor cassettes,” Marquart says. “Automising the process reduces labour cost and increases the accuracy of the components.

“The Muetek range of machines helps to organise solid timber waste material, offering solutions for waste management. Odd-size offcuts can be shredded into shavings. Alternatively, briquetting machines transform loose shavings into briquettes, which are a volumetric waste reduction, and briquettes can also be used for heating, drying chambers or energy.”

Automated production has long been more advanced in places like Europe compared to here in Australia, but things are changing for the better as we catch up with the latest advancements in machinery and construction technology.  AFA is at the forefront of this progress, and Marquart and his team are excited about the new opportunities and services they can offer to the Australian frame and truss industry.

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