TabMac Construction is a construction company based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The business provides comprehensive building services to the residential and commercial markets. Company director, licensed builder Simon Tabet has noticed the increased popularity of timber in construction, and can see the many benefits this brings.

“Working with timber limits the trades that you need on site,” he says. “It’s more cost effective and more easily adaptable to design changes. It’s easy to buy Australian timber, and it’s trusted by clients.”

Simon has found that most of his clients now want to feature timber in some form in their home or building, either in flooring, ceilings or joinery.

“There was a time when timber was more out of favour, but we are now still seeing a pretty strong enthusiasm for mid-century design, including timber flooring and timber and veneer joinery and furniture,” he says.

In the 1990s/early 2000s there was strong preference for rendered masonry. This has definitely dropped off and most clients are now seeking traditional timber framing and timber finishes.

“ I personally worked with new and recycled timbers on the restoration of chic Sydney dining spot Chiswick Restaurant in Woolahra.

“It was a great pleasure seeing the integration of new build works with original features,” Simon says. “I have also worked on a residential project where the owners wanted to showcase Australian timber and featured it in their ceiling, deck, joinery and furniture – it sounds over the top but it came together beautifully without being overwhelming.”

Simon and his team are currently working on several commercial and residential projects, which include a lot of detailed timber work. Most of this work is bespoke design and made to measure. The company’s timber is supplied by Wayne’s World, a local business in Sydney’s Botany.

“We have our own workshop and generally use our team of carpenters and joiners to prefab timber framework for our jobs,” Simon says. “However we do order prefabricated windows and doors for jobs on a regular basis – some of our key suppliers are Airlite and Stegbar.”

New software developments continue to make timber a more viable option for builders, and this is something that Simon and his team have fully embraced.

“Software developments are continuing to make using timber more efficient,” Simon says. “Measuring and quantity surveying is more accurate, which results in reduced waste and hence improved cost effectiveness. The ease of accessing this type of technology is revolutionising our industry – I think Australia is still some way behind our European counterparts, but we are catching up!”

Tabmac and their partners already utilise software in estimating, program management and design for their projects. “These program have resulted in significant benefits to our business in helping reduce costs, forecasting potential program conflicts and managing design changes,” Simon says.

“I’m hoping that technology continues to support our industry, but does not take over our jobs!”


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