Pre-School Equipment have developed a range of Australian made and fully assembled furniture and equipment ready for schools across the country.

Karen Clark, General Manager of Pre-school Equipment, said that timber creates a warm and nurturing learning environment for schools.

“We are proud that these products are made from locally sourced, sustainable Victorian Ash. As a local Victorian business, it is important that we support other local businesses, and it also helps the local economy,” she said.

The benefits of timber being used in building and equipment continues to become more well-known. Recent research has proven that being surrounded by wood at home, work or school has positive effects on the body, the brain and the environment.

A recent Forest & Wood Products Association (FWPA) and Planet Ark study reported on the health and wellbeing benefits of wooden interiors in homes, businesses, places of learning and places for healing.

The report showed that the overall majority of people are innately drawn towards wood. The results found that wood elicits feelings of warmth, comfort and relaxation, and creates a link to nature.

Ms Clark said that timber and furniture for schools is a natural fit, and that their team is experienced in major learning approaches that are aligned with the resource.

“Timber is a fundamental part of the Montessori teaching philosophy where, due to the importance of natural materials, all Montessori furniture and educational tools are made from timber”, she said.