Fresh off the Christmas and New Year’s break can be a challenging time for many businesses within the industry, and it was certainly a consideration for the industry during the past month.

The majority of business owners felt that business was travelling consistently and smoothly, and that they comfortably “˜Made Budget’, considering the slow time of year.

Compared to this time last year, there are slightly fewer companies exceeding their budgets (in 2014, it was 23.56%), and significantly less who “˜Just Missed’ (it was 41.15% in 2014).

Those respondents who reported they had missed badly mentioned several factors, including the obvious Christmas and New Year season being slow for building projects across the board.

State-specific events such as the then-upcoming Queensland election was also cited as cause for caution within the industry.

New South Wales business was reporting a healthy boom, so this will definitely be something to keep a close eye on over the next few months.Each month we call approximately 30 businesses in various industry sectors across Australia asking the following question – “In the past month did you (a) exceed budget; (b) make budget; (c) missed budget by up to 5 per cent; or (d) missed badly.”

This survey is a guide only as to the “State of our Industry”.