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This month’s Talkin’ Timber is with John Hickey, National Sales Manager, Mathews Timber Pty Ltd

JHPHOTO600And in this ever changing world in which we live in… The good news – a renaissance in specialty timber use in Australia has begun. Driven mainly by the design and architectural sector, exotic woods – both internally & externally – appear again to be flavour of the month. Mathews Timber, with a new branch in Queensland as well as Victoria and New South Wales, feel we are in the perfect position to comment on this revival.

Australian timbers – Silvertop Ash,Wormy Chestnut and Jarrah are being used more to go with the iconic Aussie species [Blackwood, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Ironbark] in projects as far ranging as Restaurant & shop fit-outs to external joinery, staircases and screenings. American species such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Tulipwood and Oak continue to be in high demand for internal use.

The furniture trade is also showing signs of overcoming its ever present import issues. Design students in record numbers doing woodwork courses is all good for our local furniture market.

Whilst timber furniture made here in Australia may end up more expensive than imports, the quality is incomparable. “Wood is Good” was a slogan used years ago for timber industry promotion and perhaps people are finally embracing this.

As technology is ever developing, so too are timber products. Cross Laminated Timber [CLT] and Engineered Flooring are just two examples that come to mind where minds have looked at what the market needs and come up with options .Our timber world is ever evolving and new products are on the way.

Next month marks five years since Mathews Timber first introduced Accoya [acetylated Radiata Pine] into the Australian market. Accoya has a 50 year lifespan above ground – a staggering concept when you consider untreated Radiata will last maybe 12 months exposed. The acetylation process leaves the wood unable to retain moisture which results in terrific stability in exterior use. Coastal locations are where we have seen a large usage spike with Accoya in joinery, cladding and laminated pergolas where users demand a reliable ,long lasting product. Accoya also greys naturally without cracking or distortion which is another look growing in popularity.

I wonder what the next wonderwood will be?


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