The right equipment for every timber application.

As Australia’s leading long load and narrow aisle forklift specialists, HUBTEX Australia can offer tailor-made solutions for the handling of long, bulky and difficult loads in the timber industry. The company is the authorised distributor for the world-class range of HUBTEX multidirectional, sideloader and order picking forklifts, which have a fantastic reputation for being technically superior with the build quality, specification and reliability you would expect from a German manufacturer. Many years of experience working with the timber industry has given HUBTEX Australia an in-depth understanding of the detailed requirements and solutions for the handling of products in different applications, from wholesalers, sawmills and wood-processing companies to kitchen and door manufacturers.

HUBTEX machines are designed and manufactured to the exact specifications required by customers. Working in guided and free range applications, both inside and outdoors, HUBTEX products are designed to be flexible and multifunctional, so whether it be general handling, transporting or order picking, HUBTEX Australia has the right equipment for every application. Highlights of the range include:

Bulmor 2-way sideloaders

When you need to move long loads in confined spaces, a frequent condition within the timber industry, not many measure up to the Bulmor sideloader. Compared to a conventional forklift, the 2-way sideloader moves long-sized goods faster and safer. Carrying loads parallel to the direction of travel, there is no need for extra wide doorways and it can stack, handle and travel in aisles only a fraction wider than itself both indoors and outdoors, therefore leaving more space for storage.

Electric multidirectional forklifts – the versatile one

The all-purpose MQ Series from HUBTEX offers optimal manoeuvrability with their patented multidirectional steering system. Ideal for handling chipboard, timber and oversized pallets, in wire-guided narrow aisles or free range both indoors and outdoors, these electric drive multidirectional forklifts are well-suited for the strenuous, varying requirements of the timber industry.

Take it to the MaxX

A welcome addition to the range is the new MaxX electric multidirectional sideloader which provides drivers with all-round visibility, while the new multifunction display enables them to keep an eye on all key vehicle information. Furthermore, the hydraulic suspension system and vehicle chassis ensures that the vehicle never leaves the ground, boosting shock absorption and offering key advantages for use both indoors and outdoors.

FluX – an industry first

The FluX multidirectional counterbalance forklift has been designed to be used as both a conventional front loading forklift as well as a sideloader, and is especially suited to transporting standard type pallets and long loads, ideal for DIY Stores and other applications where confined spaces are the norm. Thanks to the unique steering system installed as standard, unlike other existing trucks, the FluX doesn’t need to stop to switch from travelling forwards to sideways, therefore saving a substantial amount of travel time and further streamlining your materials handling operations.

IC engine multidirectional forklifts – the universal one

Universal and robust, terms synonymous with any HUBTEX product, the compact HUBTEX IC engine multidirectional forklifts are an ideal solution for transporting long loads in narrow aisles. The superior manoeuvrability of the trucks improves the efficient use of storage space, allowing for narrower aisles and reducing wasted storage space significantly. Setting the standards for safety and manoeuvrability, the ergonomic cabin design and innovative hydrostatic all-wheel drive system allows for optimal handling of loads both indoors and outdoors. With the ability to operate as both a frontloading forklift and a sideloader, the DQ Series grants operators the functionality to load and unload lorries, stack standard sized pallets and handle long loads in narrow aisles, all of which are common requirements in the timber industry.

DQ 30 multidirectional LPG powered forklifts

HUBTEX Australia has a number of the highly versatile, HUBTEX DQ 30 multidirectional LPG powered forklifts with lift heights up to 7500mm and fitted with hydraulic fork positioners. Available for sale or hire, these DQ 30s are late model, low-hour machines which will look and operate like new. In addition, they will be supplied with new machine warranties of 12 months parts and labour, resulting in huge savings over new machines. See accompanying advert for more information.

Picked to perfection with HUBTEX order picking systems

HUBTEX Australia offers an unrivalled range of innovative and diverse order picking solutions, tailor-made to suit even the most challenging picking operations. Based on a conventional multidirectional sideloader or a more specialised platform configuration, HUBTEX order picking systems must meet the most stringent operational and safety requirements when specified for order picking operations in warehouses and production facilities.

With a professional know-how that is second to none, HUBTEX order pickers can be found in a variety of timber applications from transporting chipboard and plywood through to finished products such as kitchen worktops and doors. The ergonomic design of HUBTEX order pickers along with the comprehensive range of models makes for efficient and comfortable order picking, whatever the loads, increasing productivity by up to 50 percent while minimising the cost of damaged goods.

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