Every facet of MiTek University delivers an advantage

There’s always something new to learn in any profession, but for the time-poor, study or adopting the extra burden of attending courses can be a deterrent. Doctors have to learn about new drugs and new procedures, accountants have to always have their head around changes to the tax system… It’s no different for timber fabricators, as software (in particular) becomes faster, smarter and more powerful. So it’s important for users to become proficient operators to maximise the benefits. The challenge is to fit “learning” into an already busy schedule to master these programs.

But what if you could learn programs like SAPPHIRE™ at your own pace – all at a time that suits you? That’s the concept behind MiTek University (MU).

MiTek University’s education content is presented in a self-paced format, available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.  Already, many users of all experience levels have accessed the online training system, which is focused on teaching the efficient use of MiTek’s software systems, including the award winning SAPPHIRE™ suite.  Fabricators can learn all the advantages of SAPPHIRE™ Structure for floors, roofs and walls and keep in touch with updates as they’re introduced.

Only MiTek customers can access MiTek University – and need to have SAPPHIRE™ software installed on their computer (desktop and/or laptop) to access the SAPPHIRE™ courses. Once you’ve logged into your MiTek account, simply go to the course catalogue, highlight “Australian Courses” and select the course you want from the on-screen menu. “My Dashboard” will give you a very clear overview of the course(s) you’re taking and your progress.

“My Learning Path” itemises courses, transcripts, badges and a video library of handy, easy-to-follow instructional tutorials. There’s also “References” and a “My Documents” file to ensure quick, hands-on access to everything the user needs to successfully complete each and every course. This also serves as the ideal reference library for later use.

Each course is broken down into a series of modules to ensure progressing through the learning program doesn’t become overwhelming. This also helps in the retention of information as the participant achieves their goals. Where able, MU creates “real-life” scenarios in the work modules, so what you learn has practical applications when you’re confronted with similar challenges in the workplace.

The MU site is a secure portal, so individual files cannot be accessed by other users.  Login and password procedures apply.

The Australian courses have been specifically tailored for local use and software programs. Other comprehensive courses include Truss & Frame Technology for Floor Trusses and Truss & Frame Technology for Roof Trusses, plus a course explaining EqA and how it impacts on factory output. Over time, new courses will be added to ensure MiTek fabricators are always one step ahead of new technology… and competitors!