The second-generation Simpson Strong-Tie® SDWS Strong-Drive Timber Screw makes faster stud connections.

Time is money, so when considering methods of fastening stud connections, it’s important to look holistically and evaluate the overall installed cost.

Simpson Strong-Tie® has over 60 years of experience within the connector industry. After the success of the first-generation SDWS, released in Australia in 2016, Simpson Strong-Tie is launching its second-generation SDWS Strong-Drive® Timber Screw.

The second-generation SDWS is the result of extensive research and testing and has a new and improved design with its patented SawTooth™ point.

The unique serrated thread pattern ensures faster starts and less driving torque than the original SDWS. It also eliminates the need for pre-drilling in framing applications, all of which results in much faster installation time – saving you money. The 6-lobe T-40 drive reduces the driver-bit cam-outs which allows for easier installation as well as longer driver-bit life, again saving money.

This multipurpose structural screw has a wide range of applications from structural framing, such as ledger installation, multi-ply timber beam connections, or wall plate tie downs, through to landscaping, just to name a few. The large 19mm washer-head provides a broad bearing area which allows for superior clamping of the timber while the low-profile head provides less interference after installation. This low-profile head makes it ideal for framing applications where protrusion of the screw may affect ease of installation of the framing onsite.

The SDWS also has nibs on the underside of the head that offer greater control for the installer when seating the head. The bold thread design provides superior holding power, even into the end grain of timber.

The screw has a 5.6mm diameter and comes in a variety of lengths from 75mm up to 250mm, giving the versatility to cover a wide range of applications. Its heat-treated carbon steel gives strength characteristics equivalent to larger size fasteners. This results in a more efficient fastener design, as well as the ability to use the screw in other applications that previously may have required additional bracing or framing anchors.

Simpson Strong-Tie SDWS screws are field proven and have undergone extensive R&D and testing. Structural load data is available in accordance with Australian Standards for both shear loads and withdrawal loads. The screw can be used as an alternative to bolting or traditional coach screws, or for tie down of wall frame top and bottom plates to the end grain of the studs.

Wall frames that have the wall plates tied to the studs with SDWS screws will also be stiffer than traditional nailed frames and if the frames are manufactured in a factory and transported to site there will be less chance of any damage occurring. The added benefit is that the plasterer does not have to contend with any metal connectors protruding down the face of the wall frame, making clean finishing easier.

Simpson Strong-Tie has a double barrier coating on the SDWS which provides corrosion resistance that makes it suitable for interior, certain exterior and preservative-treated timber applications, as well as offering protection if the framing is exposed for extended durations on site. The heads of the screws are stamped to easily identify that the screw is in fact a Simpson Strong-Tie product, detailing the screw diameter and length.

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