A new podcast covers timber issues.

The British-based Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) has launched a regular podcast on hot timber topics, called Timber Talks. While there is a UK bias to the material, many of the topics and speakers are of global interest and will be of interest to Australian audiences as well.

The first episode is CTI Chairman Roy Wakeman OBE discussing how the timber Industry contributes to the British economy and how timber construction can help fix the UK housing crisis.

The second episode has David Hopkins (CTI Director and Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation) and Andrew Carpenter (Chief Executive of the Structural Timber Association and CTI Director) focusing on sustainability and ways in which the timber industry represents one of the best ways to contribute to carbon sequestration, forest management in well-regulated systems and economic/employment efficiency.

The next podcasts will feature – among others – Iain McIlwee (CTI Director and CEO of the British Woodworking Federation) and Alex Goodfellow (CTI Director and Managing Director of Stewart Milne Group). Listeners are invited to suggest new topics and raise questions for the speakers by sending an email to info@cti-timber.org.

Wakeman has commented: “These podcasts are incredibly useful not only for Timber Industry stakeholders and operators but also for ordinary people keen on learning more about our Sector and its countless branches and opportunities.

“I believe podcasting is special – it contributes to create a sense of community, is a space for discussion and gives our Industry a powerful voice. Even more importantly, you can listen to podcasts anywhere and at any time – while you do other things at work or at home, or during your commute.”

The podcasts are free and available on iTunes and AudioBoom, just enter ‘Timber Talks’ or ‘Confederation of Timber Industries’ into Search to find them.

For more on CTI, visit cti-timber.org