Multinail is running a display for attendees at the 2019 FTMA Australia National Conference.

There might be the odd sore head at Recovery at Multinail, the breakfast and demonstration being held at Multinail’s Stapylton headquarters on the morning after the FTMA conference dinner (which Multinail is sponsoring).

But, jokes aside, the event on the morning of Wednesday, March 27 is a great way to show new product off to conference attendees who are booked to visit. A bus will pick up people and luggage at Royal Pines, load them onto a bus and take them 20–30 minutes down the road to Multinail’s Technology and Manufacturing Centre. Attendees will be treated to a ‘recovery’ BBQ breakfast, then they’ll be able to check out several of Multinail’s latest cutting machines in action, including the PieceMaker, Tornado, Snip M600, MitreSaw and SuperSaw.

Multinail has invested heavily in machinery R&D over the last five years and these machines represent the latest in Multinail’s cutting technology. Driving this technology is a push towards automation, significantly increasing output, speed, efficiency and safety. Models available to view include those still in active testing.

The PieceMaker

The PieceMaker is Multinail’s latest Automated linear saw, designed to feed, cut, print and eject multiple timber components from stock timber lengths. It cuts all truss members including mitres and birdsmouths. This machine is bigger, faster, and more powerful than others on the market. It significantly increases productivity, reduces downtime and allows work to get out to the floor much faster.

Available now, the saw has already been producing impressive output figures for TrussCorp in Bundamba.

“The PieceMaker has effectively halved the time it takes to produce the job. We were doing 500–600 pieces a day, we’re now doing 2000, and I can easily see us doing 3000 pieces. What would normally take one of our team a half-day to prepare and cut is now done in a couple of hours,” says Errol Olive, cutting supervisor at TrussCorp.

The Tornado

The latest technology from Spida, the Tornado is currently testing and will be available in the 3rd quarter. It’s an automated linear saw for fast and accurate cutting and marking of square cut components. Increasing productivity in its simplest form, the Tornado enables the Truss Plant to cut faster with amazingly consistent accuracy, marking components as it goes, ready for the frame line.

The Tornado slots in under the PieceMaker, with the main difference being the Tornado will not compound mitre. It was designed for smaller truss plants that couldn’t justify the price point for a fully featured linear saw and also for plants who have other fully featured linear saws but want more capacity without the price tag.

Framing components were as much a consideration as truss components in the design so it will cut and mark plates, process raking studs and deal with standard members like blocks and nogs in the offcuts of larger members.

It’s an effective one stop shop for smaller plants, or a framing-only saw with the ability to be a backup for trusses.

FTMA attendees wishing to book for the event should RSVP by 20 March to / 0403 269 534. For more details, visit