Two new products hit top trends with none of the traditional problems.

InStyle Timber Products is known for its extensive, high-quality timber offer, so when the team there is excited about a new range, you know it’s something special.

In this case, it’s two thermally modified wood cladding options that Wayne Hawker, general manager at Bayswood Timber (producers of InStyle Timber Products) describes as game-changing.

“We’ve only just brought these new products to the market, and we’re very excited about them,” Hawker says. “They integrate seamlessly into our traditional products, but with added advantages.”

The first is Ignite, a board with the appearance of a charred shou sugi ban finish, but created through staining, brushing and embossing rather than charring, so it delivers all the textural and colour effect with none of the mess of the standard, charcoal-coated product.

“The Ignite has a fragrance to it, but not that strong charred smell that the traditional product has,” says Hawker. “And if you brush past it, you won’t get any marks or stains on your clothes. That’s a common complaint with conventional charred timbers. This product has the same good looks, but its advantages outweigh the conventional product by miles.”

The second is Drift, which captures the softened, subtle tones of reclaimed timber without the need for complex cuts to manage the irregular sizes, flaws and distortions of the traditional product.

“People are very much buying on look and performance, and these products really deliver on both fronts,” says Hawker.

Both Drift and Ignite are made from spruce, which has been thermally modified to create a Class 1 durability product that is highly resistant to rot and unappealing to insects, thanks to having its natural sugar content ‘cooked’ out. The process also leaves the end product less absorbent, meaning it has great dimensional stability and stands up to weathering well. Ignite has a 20-year rot resistance rating and Drift has a 25-year-plus rating.

Supplies of both Ignite and Drift have recently arrived in Australia.

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Image: Drift Exterior cladding, courtesy Bayswood Timber