The Timber Framing Collective has launched its first campaign.

Leaping into the thick of things, the new Timber Framing Collective has launched its first major campaign, enjoining stakeholders within the supply chain to shift the narrative to a demand challenge rather than a supply issue.

Spearheaded by an open letter from the industry that outlines both the drivers of the current situation and industry responses to it, and supported by a social media campaign that will run through the end of 2021, the campaign delivers vital information in accessible terms and emphasises that the reason timber is in short supply is because it is the best product for the job.

Timber Framing Collective spokesperson Marita Pierce-Indugula said, “Understanding the pressure the building demand surge has placed on our supply chain, we need to remember that, back in mid-2020, everyone was concerned about having no demand for new housing. The market’s response to stimulus such as HomeBuilder has been astounding and is still continuing. Given structural timber’s usage early in the building cycle, we’ve been in the spotlight, but it is impacting most building materials. Our message is to stick with timber.

“Increased use of timber framing means more carbon is removed from the atmosphere, creating a cleaner, better world for everyone.”

The campaign is designed to be shared with end users across the supply chain, from builders to homeowners. It reminds them that timber’s popularity is based on solid value propositions: it’s sustainable, it delivers a home that people enjoy living in, it‘s strong and adaptable for building and, above all, it helps to solve some of our major environmental problems rather than contributing to them.

The Timber Framing Collective is a new initiative being driven by a group of leading Australian sawmills, timber importers, industry associations and peak bodies, building products and treatment suppliers. It is building on the success of the Wood The Ultimate Renewable campaign to remind Australians that at the heart of the best homes, you’ll usually find a timber frame.

Working together, these businesses and groups are able to get the facts out to a far wider audience than each working alone, but the Collective also aims to ensure everyone in the timber industry has a voice. And right now, that’s a loud and proud voice delivering a vital message.

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