A floating glulam roof will put timber front and centre at the new Sydney Fish Market.

Multiplex continues the love affair with timber that saw its Marrickville Library build sweep design awards with its new Sydney Fish Market.

The sinuous roof that will form the most eye-catching part of the build will take 1600m3 of glulam – along with over 150T of steel. The complex engineering, as well as the full supply to site, was contracted to Rubner Holzbau S.R.L. in Italy – a team of specialists who have managed the engineering of some of Europe’s largest and most complex timber constructions.

Adam Shears, Director of Theca Timber said, “As partners of Rubner Holzbau in Australia, we were involved from a very early stage. The challenge was spelled out clearly: to identify the most sustainable and efficient way to transport the roof to site, allowing at the same time for the quickest possible erection time, remaining as faithful as possible to the original project design.”

Theca Timber and Rubner Holzbau responded with advanced construction solutions and DfMA strategies. In addition to the executive design, Rubner Holzbau is responsible for the creation of prototypes for the roof’s crucial joints and the production of bespoke elements more than 30m long. The special shipment from the Italian Alps to Sydney includes unloading at the site by water, provision of technical assistance during assembly and local project management.

The building’s roof is an integral part of the Market’s design and sustainability strategy. It’s designed to collect rainwater for reuse and for the potential production of solar energy. Its shape uses wind to extract warm air and protects workers from southerlies. The canopy, which also includes aluminium, is designed to be as permeable as possible, minimising the need for air conditioning while diverting direct sunlight.

Rubner Holzbau and Theca Timber will be exhibiting ‘in person’ at the Timber Offsite Construction Conference & Exhibition, 21-22 June at Crown Promenade Melbourne.

For more info, visit www.timberoffsiteconstruction.com