As AFTA popped the champagne corks to celebrate a decade of service, CEO Randy Flierman was already looking forward.

“That’s right, we’ve now been working for you for over 10 years and – while it’s a fantastic milestone – there is still much to do!” he said.


  • Achieved more than 600 members;
  • Produced a wealth of technical literature covering all facets of the timber
  • flooring industry;
  • An education and training system for members, catering to more than 2000 training places;
  • A highly informative website attracting 2500 consumers each month;
  • A thorough inspection system with 22 inspectors conducting more than 350 inspections per year;
  • An Australian industry awards program celebrating the expertise and craftsmanship of our industry;
  • Promotion of the industry which has collectively witnessed the timber flooring market share increase from 17 per cent to 25 per cent, in competition with other floor surfaces; and,
  • Market data capturing trend analysis in absence of government data collection.

The ATFA was able to achieve these milestones with a small group of staff and board of directors, all of whom volunteered their time and funds to support their industry.

Randy also added that the ATFA’s State Committees were dedicated to making the industry a better place.

“Most importantly, the ATFA is a product of its members, and owned by its members, who continue to support us.

“The mission statement of the ATFA is all about the betterment of the industry, so I’m hoping they can tell us – have we achieved it?” he said.


As the post-birthday glow fades, focus is now on how the ATFA can broaden the awareness of its members to more consumers and specifically, the architects.

“These are the people who make decisions about timber floors, therefore, we need to continue promoting our local professionals who possesses world-class standards,” Randy said.

The Association is also soon to launch several initiatives which aim to boost the local industry and improve its longevity.

1954 – 2015
By Randy Flierman, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Timber Flooring Association.

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of a great man.

John was hard at work in China for Big River recently when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

At just 61, this is a huge blow for his family, for Big River and the timber flooring industry at large.

John was one of the nicest guys you could meet and always wanting to do his bit for industry. He truly had timber running through his veins, he absolutely loved the stuff!

John spent his whole life in this industry and his relationships go back decades. Our hearts and best wishes go out to his wife Bev, two daughters and to Big River. He will be sadly missed.