Barry Warren was tragically killed in a motor bike accident on Sunday 19 April 2015 while out riding with his bike club, the Dam Riders.

He sadly leaves behind his wife Elizabeth and daughters Alexandra, Catherine and Stephanie.

A beloved character, known across the timber industry for his personality, enthusiasm and the more than occasional joke, to say Barry will be sorely missed is an understatement.

Barry originally came from the furniture industry before he started working for Dindas Australia as their State Manager.

Many would remember Barry taking on the challenge of running a business he knew nothing about, and quickly turned the New South Wales unit into a winning team.

At the time of his death, Barry was State Manager for Tilling Timber in New South Wales, after previously working for Wesbeam and Dindas for over 20 years.

Leon Quinn of Tilling said Barry was an outstanding manager and highly respected by his co-workers, his employers, his customers and competitors.

He was known for his ability to crack the odd joke. Roy Edwards shared one particular interaction at Barry’s funeral that resonated with the industry and, many agreed, summed up Barry to a tee.

Having told a joke in mixed company that had fallen flat, Roy recalled Robert Dindas saying to Barry, “Barry, that was a bit on the edge!” to which he replied, “Robert, if you are not on the edge, you are taking up too much space.”

Barry was very engaged with the social side of the industry, often joining golf days as a chance to show off his golfing skills and joke-telling abilities.

Roy Edwards from Heyden Frame and Truss said Barry often called him to test-drive said jokes.

“Barry was the only bloke I know who practised his latest joke before releasing it on his unsuspecting customers, friends and the public!

“I’ll never forget that raspy voice and grin combined with his white goatee! It would make even the Mona Lisa smile,” Roy fondly recalled.

Rest in peace Barry, you will be missed.