Continued growth and innovation keeps this timber-specific software product ahead of the pack.

As your business grows, you need more than just qualified, hardworking staff and quality products and services. The right software to manage your business is essential if you’re to remain efficient, relevant and capable of growth.

While there are many ERP (enterprise resource planning) technologies available on the market now, there is one that has been specifically developed for the timber industry. Timber Industry Management and Marketing System (TIMMS) is the only product in the timber market place that can be used from log/sawmilling management, wholesale distribution and import/export to reprocessing of timber products (adding value) and trade retail.

“TIMMS started at the same time as Disprax in 1982, when I installed my first timber-specific accounting system,” says Paul Gallo, Group CEO of the PNORS Technology Group, which owns a number of technology-based groups, including WilldooIT. In 2016, Disprax and WillowIt merged to form WilldooIT, which now offers two ERP solutions, TIMMS and Odoo a collection of Open Source ERP business solutions.

“Combined, we have more than 100 year years developing, implementing and consulting amidst ERP software and we intend to find a solution for any business. Our mission is ‘technology solutions to grow your business’, and we ensure to do just that.”

TIMMS was initially been designed for timber wholesale distributors and importers but it soon become evident that TIMMS software could benefit other timber verticals and was extended to sawmilling and trade retail timber and hardware business.

“Now TIMMS has modules to assists just about every timber industry company,” Gallo says.

Mix and match

TIMMS has a unique modular design, so each business can select the best TIMMS configuration for their business. Modules include everything from trade and cash sales, asset and inventory management, sales analysis, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, job tracking, re-processing, import/export and stocktaking. As a business grows and changes, TIMMS’ flexibility allows the system to be expanded as required.

There are currently 25 modules available, and as TIMMS is continuously being developed, new modules are being created based on customer requirements and technological advancements.

In addition to timber-specific sales and accounting, other modules (applications) that help create efficiencies include barcoding and scanning for stock takes; dispatching and transferring from one point to another that eliminates typing of information; and electronic data interchange (EDI) where business documents such as purchase orders, delivery dockets and invoices are transferred electronically increasing efficiency, accuracy and speed of operation.

“We now can also offer our customers the ability to create their own website and shopping cart giving them a 24/7 sales force and omni-channels of sales and distribution,” Gallo says.

“The benefit of using TIMMS is that it has been designed with the timber industry and therefore it has naming conventions and processes specific to the industry. This way TIMMS can be implemented to integrate with the exiting business process rather than the other way around, which can cause disruption and inefficiencies.”

TIMMS’ customers can use TIMMS to manage every aspect of their business including inventory management, import/export, sales, accounting, business reporting, payroll and HR, EDI and customer relationship management.

“TIMMS can also be customised to each of our customer requirements giving them additional competitive advantage,” Gallo says.

The right support

WilldooIT provides all services required for any business to implement TIMMS and go live.

“Our experienced business analysts will do the scoping and provide recommendation on how best to utilise TIMMS,” Gallo says. “We then train staff to use TIMMS and then it’s handed over to a manned help desk, where our customer can call, email or submit their support request from a web site.”

Since 1982, TIMMS has gone through three revolutions, based on the technology of the day and it has continued to evolve over many years. A fourth generation is now underway.

“The new technology is in the cloud,” Gallo says. “It’s browser-based and it’s purchased as Software as a Service (SaaS). By being in the Cloud and it can be purchased as SaaS, means that small business will have access to TIMMS as they do not have to invest in expensive software.

“WilldooIT will always be in the forefront of technology and we will utilise it whenever our customers will receive benefit from it. There will be quite a development in TIMMS utilising cloud technology very soon. We also have an opportunity to expand overseas as the new technology will allow us to translate to different languages and currencies.”

AS TIMMS continues to grow and develop, so too will its customers as they benefit from the many and varied services that this timber-specific software can provide.

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