German beech lumber in a new look

Photographer: Darko

Pollmeier uses a high-tech process to turn beech lumber into BauBuche. Its BauBuche flooring products combine exceptional strength with a most attractive uniform look and an unobtrusive texture that is far removed from that of conventional beech timber.

Beech is the most important deciduous tree in Europe and widely appreciated for its hard and resistant wood. Beech furniture has a long tradition, not least due to the distinct grain of the hardwood. However, woods with prominent a grain structure are subject to changing tastes and fashions in interior design. By using beech harvested in Germany for its innovative laminated veneer lumber, Pollmeier has created a product with an understated and timeless finish that can even be combined with other wood types.

Production of BauBuche

BauBuche is produced at the company’s new plant, built in 2014 in Thüringen, Germany. The beech logs are steamed, cut to size and peeled in a rotary mill to thin veneers. After drying, these layers are stacked and glued together under high pressure before they’re machined into building construction and decorative interior design elements. Thanks to the parallel laminated structure, BauBuche has a unique look that reveals the wafer-thin veneer and glue layers. The pleasing, calm finish retains a natural look, as the smooth tonal values of beech lumber are still visible.

Climate-friendly and 100% sustainable

The raw material for BauBuche is sourced exclusively from German forests, where sustainable management has a long tradition, stretching back over 300 years. This ensures that only legally-cut timber from responsibly-managed forests makes it into the BauBuche production chain, as is certified by the PEFC seal.

In contrast to conventional plastic or carpet flooring, BauBuche helps protect the climate: each cubic metre of beech lumber stores nearly one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Applications and installation

BauBuche Flooring elements are micro-chamfered on four sides and come with a tongue-and-groove connection system. The true-to-size elements are precision-machined to make floor laying easy. They can be glued directly to screed (thickness 14mm and 20mm) or nailed or screwed onto suitable substructures (thickness 20mm only).

BauBuche flooring is suitable for virtually any type of floor in homes, kindergartens, schools, hotels, museums, offices, shops and gym halls. The surface is sealed with environmentally safe hard wax oils or hard-wearing solvent-free varnish. BauBuche flooring elements come in various attractive colours, including natural. BauBuche is also available unfinished (square-edged, not sanded, open gaps are not filled with putty) for bespoke on-site treatment.

BauBuche in retreat resort

In 2015, the former convent of Hochstrass in Austria was converted into a seminar hotel. The listed  main building and the adjacent cheese dairy now feature a contemplative, minimalist interior ideal for seminars, yoga classes, retreats and similar events. The bedrooms combine traditional and ultramodern design features that create an atmosphere of relaxation and contemplation with floors in the relatively dark BauBuche #410 tone. The natural look of the flooring material and its deep, warm colour turn the rooms into oases of well-being. The dark hue makes the typical veneer structure of BauBuche less visible, adding to the calmness of the interior that reflects sophistication and timeless quality.

BauBuche in office building

The BauBuche floor in an office building in Augsburg gives the room a warm atmosphere in which creativity can flourish. The elements are treated with hard wax oil, which brings the natural colour of the beech timber to the fore. As BauBuche is also one of the main construction materials in this building, the exposed structural elements and the floor form a pleasing unity. The floor-to ceiling windows make the rooms very bright, so that the daylight brings out the beautiful smooth tonal values of the beech material. The parallel veneer and glue layers create an atmosphere of calm purpose and productivity.

Revolution in timber flooring

More than wood: BauBuche flooring is about to revolutionise the solid timber flooring industry. There are three factors that make BauBuche the ideal material for universal use in public and private buildings: sustainability, durability and timeless finish. This Pollmeier product is available in carefully chosen colours ranging from transparent white to natural red hues and warm dark brown tones. Detailed installation and care instructions make sure that you will enjoy your BauBuche floor for many years to come.

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