This easy-to-use product is a board saviour.

It’s a sad truth of building that floors can’t be the last thing to go in on most sites, which means they are often exposed to accidental damage from follow-up trades. With intricate parquetry and luxe floorboards making a design splash at the moment, scratches and stains can be expensive, as well as frustrating, to repair.

Even basic renovations can see serious damage done to high-end flooring, which not only costs money to fix, it can eat up time in missed deadlines and insurance claims.

Enter SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection. From the company known for its cladding, flooring and lining boards, this new product has a raft of features designed to protect the floor from much more than accidental scuffs and drops.

Lightweight and flexible, the floor protection has a clever, permeable nature, allowing the floor below to breathe while providing moisture-resistance from above. The thick, rip-resistant material also allows for vapour permeability and is tough enough to be used on non-lockup job sites, where it’s partially exposed to the elements.

Installation is easy: a basic cut and fold technique that makes it quick to fit even tricky room shapes. A unique joint tape seals panels together into a whole-floor protection that can be built up strip-by-strip – perfect for covering a new floor as it is being laid – or used to create paths for tradies.

Because the material is breathable, the floor protection can be left in place until the rest of the build, including painting, is completed. It comes in two weights, but even the standard is tough enough for machinery to roll over. Removal is as simple as sweeping off the surface, then pulling off the tape and lifting the material.

While SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection can be used on all types of flooring, it’s especially suited to raw and coated timber. It neatly meets timber’s needs of both protection and the ability for moisture and vapour (for coated timber) to evaporate from the board in a stable environment that isn’t exposed to extremes of humidity or temperature.

The floor protection’s permeability is matched by its strength. Once laid and taped, it is a strong, smooth, secure surface that won’t trip workers and provides a comfortable grip underfoot.

Made from recycled paper, SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection is available for immediate delivery Australia wide through all Mitre 10, Home Timber & Hardware, Hardware & Building Traders and other independent hardware stores.

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