It’s not all major operations when it comes to timber…

For Paul McKay, founder of Julia’s Onsite Timber Milling, every tree deserves a second life when it reaches the end of its time growing.

His operation can collect logs or even come to you, set up a small mill on site, mill your tree and then pack up, leaving you with unique timber, cut to order, for a fraction of what you’d pay retail.

“Recently we had a farmer contact us to mill a fallen tree and turn it into timber for her son’s year 12 woodwork project,” says McKay. “It was a fantastic day working with the family. I don’t think they realised just how beautiful the slabs would be until the first one came off the mill.”

Just as importantly, the whole job was done for much less than the $1000+ the two slabs required for the boy’s VCE dining table project would have cost: and with more usable timber besides.

Farmers who have used the service have similarly been impressed at the amount of usable timber obtained: “Even for pine, we can mill timber at a quarter the price of what you’d pay for it,” McKay says.

He emphasises the fact that many domestic trees are species – often hardwood – now all but lost to timber yards, and the result can be a uniquely beautiful product. Even if you aren’t a woodworker, the timber can be handed over to local artisans and may be enough to pay for your commission, or donated to local crafters.

“We’ve been given the timber from trees removed from the sites of Melbourne’s big infrastructure projects. These have been milled and the timber has been given to local community groups and Men’s Sheds,” Mr McKay said.

Rather than being chipped by councils, burned on farms or ending up in landfill, McKay’s service rescues this carbon-rich resource. It usually takes just four to five hours to mill an average tree, which will produce enough timber to make three or four dining tables with leftovers. Currently the service works throughout Victoria, but milling can be arranged in all Eastern States.

For more information contact Paul McKay on 0425 796 001 or visit