New large-format parquetry blocks deliver a great modern look and make laying faster.

Boral Timber’s focus on flooring has long delivered a range of great products with an enviable mix of visual appeal, reliability and attractive price points. The new Grande Block Parquetry range continues to hit all these targets.

These new large-format blocks (or parquets) are 600x120mm, which not only speeds up laying, but also delivers a bold modern look.

“In the past, parquetry lent itself more to period properties and cottages, especially the smaller blocks laid in a traditional weave pattern,” says Boral Timber’s regional sales manager Vic/SA Ed Marshall. “In contrast, large format blocks laid in a herringbone pattern are perfect for today’s designer projects, or for adding a modern twist to heritage home renovations.”

The blocks are available in blackbutt, spotted gum, tallowwood and brushbox, all 18mm deep, which will deliver decades of good looks with standard cleaning and polishing. They do need to be laid by a professional for best results as parquetry floors require specific techniques and equipment, but can be laid on existing sub-floor surfaces including concrete slabs, old timber flooring, particle board and plywood.

“Our new large-format hardwood timber blocks are approximately double the size of our standard parquetry range, and create a cleaner, more contemporary feel while still embodying the aesthetics of heritage architecture,” Marshall says.

While it has a reputation as a luxe material, parquetry is surprisingly robust and practical. “Parquetry is durable and less susceptible to gapping or movement because of the way it’s laid,” says Marshall, adding that for modern homes with large, open-plan areas the Grande range looks particularly great as its large blocks are more in keeping with the space’s proportions.

“While large format oak parquetry has been available for several years now, we’re confident that our latest range using more durable Australian species will take this trend even further,” Marshall adds. “People are looking for something different, more artistic, to make a statement in their homes and parquetry can meet this need perfectly. Even modern properties can now integrate this interior look seamlessly.”

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