A long-term commitment to innovation, sustainability and reliability. By Campbell McInnes

Innovation, sustainability, and reliability – these are the pillars upon which Programmed Timber Supplies stands tall in Australia’s timber industry landscape. Owner Warwick Drysdale explained, their recent rebranding, shedding the ‘Supplies’ to reflect their integrated role in timber resource management, processing, and distribution. Programmed Timber as it is now known reaffirms its commitment to delivering value across the entire supply chain.

As I delved into the heart of Programmed Timber, it’s evident that their 25-year journey isn’t just about producing timber; it’s about maximising the potential of every wood fibre while ensuring zero waste. The importance of achieving this milestone isn’t merely about environmental stewardship; Drysdale advised, “it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to efficiency and resource optimization. By turning every residue into a valuable asset, Programmed Timber sets a benchmark for sustainability in the industry” and one that Drysdale is very proud of. Furthermore, Drysdale added, “we must provide a positive advantage to both our suppliers and customers – they must all receive a value benefit when product is handled through our operation.”




The timber sector is undergoing a transformative phase, marked by the rise of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) such as off-site and mass timber construction methods which are gaining momentum. Drysdale explained, “While this sector is still finding its way, it has an undeniable opportunity to be a significant contributor to meeting our housing needs.

The growth in this modular construction using DMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) principles along with traditional Frame & Truss moving more into a panelised format will see volumes and more streamlined systems develop. Pre-cut or even pre-fabricated components supplied ready for installation in the factory is a proven winner as seen in all other production line type industries e.g., automotive and electronics.” The inevitable ‘less utes and more cranes’ trend in construction will demand better upstream supply options.

Here, Programmed Timber doesn’t just supply timber; it envisions and contributes to the future of construction through its commitment to offer pre-cut, ready to assemble timber components. With a keen eye on emerging trends and technologies, Programmed Timber is poised to seize new opportunities, where pre-cut components play a pivotal role.




Located in Western Sydney, Programmed Timber faces the challenge of urban costs, but it turns this obstacle into an advantage through streamlined logistics and inventory management. Serving primarily domestic markets, Programmed Timber ensures a reliable supply chain across New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, and Queensland, leveraging its strategic location and robust transport infrastructure.

Moreover, Programmed Timber’s investment in solar power underscores its dedication to sustainability and cost-efficiency. By harnessing renewable energy, Programmed Timber not only increases its carbon sequestration footprint, but also insulates itself from rising energy costs, reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking industry leader.



Labour shortages have plagued many industries, but Programmed Timber has adeptly navigated these challenges by investing in technology and fostering flexibility in its processes. Drysdale explained, “In manufacturing, it is always understanding the available technology then utilising its capacity to the greatest possible extent”. One of the best examples of this is with the scanning technology we have employed in our plant, through our MicroTec scanner. Although this technology is becoming more widely implemented globally, it is how it is used and understanding the full capabilities. The technicians from the European company who installed the equipment were impressed by the extent of the capacity to which our plant would be utilising the scanner. Programmed Timber are only one of a few companies around the world that are using this technology to achieve full wood fibre utilisation across a range of inputs to manufacture totally 100% fit-for-purpose timber components for widespread applications over numerous industry sectors.”

With high-tech machinery driving efficiency and accuracy, Programmed Timber not only ensures optimal timber utilisation but also creates a conducive work environment for its staff. By embracing automation and robotics, Programmed Timber not only mitigates labour concerns but also sets new benchmarks for reliability and precision.

Drysdale said “It is not just zero waste in terms of volume but also in terms of utility to application. A generality across the industry is to maximise or best optimise volume return but we go further, much further. The optimisation of wood fibre grade/utility along with volume optimisation is the grail to which we strive.”

Furthermore, the inclusion of robotics into the production process has certainly improved the work experience for the on-floor workers at Programmed Timber, as this reduces the manual labour requirements and therefore reduces the risk of possible injury to staff and has the added benefit of providing an atmosphere in the production areas that staff are part of a sophisticated full-scale facility.

Ligna Fair in Hannover Germany is a machinery expo that showcases all the latest technology, which Programmed Timber visit bi-annually. As regular attendees and known for their own innovation, Programmed Timber are well known to many exhibitors and are always willing to enter into discussions which invariably both parties are able to gain valuable information. Al and machine earning is being introduced more into the software algorithms so better total wood fibre optimisation can occur. Just ‘chopping up wood’ is almost extinct in most global markets. As technology continues to change and improve, it is important to stay up to date, visiting Ligna is part of this process.


What sets Programmed Timber apart is not just its products but its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a diverse range of over 700 SKUs tailored to various industries, Programmed Timber caters to a wide spectrum of clients, from multinational corporations to small local businesses. Drysdale explained, “The old saying of l’d rather be the innovator than the imitator, is true to our view. We offer specialist process and supply to meet the customer’s needs. We know what can and can’t be done. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, through all market cycles.

Reliable supply of fit-for-purpose product on time, every time from a committed manufacturer that has broad industry support which has been formed through honest dealings – is just what we do.” By offering dependable supply, Programmed Timber allows its customers to focus on their core competencies, confident in the reliability of their timber solutions.

As the demand for all wood fibre grows disproportionally to domestic resource availability, there is an absolute need to ensure we achieve the best outcome from our forest resources. This is something that Programmed Timber has already been doing for the past 25 years. The supply imbalance over the next decade and beyond will allow Programmed Timber to continue to expand on the work they have commenced on.

Drysdale explained “We have a responsibility to gain the maximum benefit from the resources that have been entrusted to us. Therefore, utilising the right piece of timber in the right application is all part of what our industry needs to get better at.”

Programmed Timber exemplifies the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and reliability in the timber industry. With a steadfast commitment to excellence as well as a proactive approach to emerging trends, and finding solutions to customer’s needs, Programmed Timber is not just a supplier of timber but a partner in progress, shaping the future of construction and resource management in Australia and beyond.

For more, visit www.ptimbers.com.au