Construction of Multinail head office underway

Australia’s leading innovator in light weight pre-fabricated timber technology has started construction of its new head office in Stapylton, Queensland.

With the recent changes to the National Construction Code allowing more timber to be used in residential and commercial developments, this project demonstrates the benefits of using light weight prefabricated timber technology in commercial buildings.

SteelWood Joists

Developed by Multinail engineers, the SteelWood Joist is a newly configured structural truss that can be used in a variety of construction scenarios, including for flooring and roofing applications.

The versatile structure, manufactured from quality timber and galvanised steel to minimise corrosion, is ideal for strengthening flooring and roofing structures and can be applied to both residential and commercial building developments.

The robust SteelWood Joist can carry live loads from 3kPa to 7.5kPa for stage floor loadings and is suitable for office spaces, schools and stage floors, for example.

Manufactured off site, the SteelWood Joist is simple and efficient to install, and in many cases can reduce traditional concrete slab construction costs by up to 50%.

The floor cassettes

With the ability to pre-fabricate up to 9 metre lengths at 3.0kPa of flooring off site, and deliver when required, floor cassettes enable builders and contractors to efficiently manage construction schedules and save considerable time on site.

Floor cassettes are a cost-effective way to construct a complete working floor for single or multi-story residential, commercial or industrial buildings in a matter of hours. This innovative construction method will be used throughout the Multinail head office development.

  •  Multinail’s 660mm SteelWood Joist
  • Designed for a live load of 3.0kPa
  • 25mm plywood flooring
  • Floor cassette span 8.8m
  • Floor cassette width 6m
  • Floor cassette weight 2.1 tonnes
  • 900mm x 550mm void in floor joists for A/C ducts
  • 160m2 of floor cassettes installed in 15 minutes

The benefits:

  • Made-to-measure products can be installed in a matter of hours, reducing months of construction time
  • Manufactured off site and delivered only when required to reduce waste on site and maximise quality assurance
  • Floor cassettes can include pre-installed services, enabling fast connection on site
  • The complete working platform allows work to commence immediately after installation
  • Suitable for ground floor and upper storey application
  • No form work or concrete slabs required