A forklift that can dance is perfect for narrow racking and small yards and can lift 4.5T.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to see a forklift dance, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you leave this page for a moment and visit Combilift’s St Patrick’s Day 2022 video. Two of the new Combi-MR4 with Dynamic 360° Steering models whiz around a warehouse in synchronised smoothness, joined by another in the car park for a spot of Irish dancing.

It’s a charming celebration for the Ireland-based company but, more importantly, it’s an extremely effective demonstration of the company’s new Dynamic 360 steering system. This provides rotation on each wheel, enabling smooth directional changes while the truck is on the move.

An extremely low platform (380mm) makes this unit ideal for workplaces that need to maximise storage with low and narrow racking, including optimisation options for guide rails. Available in two models, with capacity ranges of 2500–3000kg and 3500–4500kg respectively, the Combi-MR4 can operate in aisles as narrow as 2265mm when guided (based on 1200mm deep material).

Whether moving long loads or palletised goods, it can load and offload trucks directly and is adept at moving across all paved surfaces. A high-visibility operator cabin, multi-function control joystick, AC-electric power steering and joystick-operated hydraulic mast functions all make for a smooth ride and straightforward operation. The articulated rear axle with two rear rubber drive wheels provides optimum traction for outdoor use, while still ensuring full control and manoeuvrability.

The newly developed-in-house Dynamic 360° steering is trademarked to Combilift but uses readily available components that ensure a robust supply chain. It enables operators to manipulate the truck’s positioning and orientation without the need to stop and change driving mode by simply twisting the control joystick right or left to adjust the wheel positions simultaneously – providing crab steering and allowing direction change on-the-go as well as optimal safety in the workplace.

Combi-MR4 4500kg at a glance
Unladen Weight7500kg
Maximum Ground Speed10km/h
AC Rear Drive2 x 8kW
Battery 775Ah80V
Vulkollan Front Tyre x2OD 300 mm / Width 100 mm
Solid Rubber Rear Tyre x2OD 457mm / Width 180 mm
Standard ColourYellow & Grey

For more, see the product page at https://combilift.com/combi-mr4/