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Delamination from the substrate, timber movement, drummy spots and even timber splitting are symptoms commonly associated with timber floor issues related to adhesive failure; which begs the question “What’s causing the adhesive to fail?”

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By Association

Next year I celebrate 50 years in the floor covering industry, and I must say, I have enjoyed every project. From the challenging to the prestigious but, by far, the most rewarding experiences, have come from my involvement with...

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The problem with moisture

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “˜moisture’ as; “Water or other liquids diffused in small quantities as vapour within a solid, or compressed on a surface,” where once again it becomes water.

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Underfloor heating

From start to finish, the success of a timber floor installation over a heated subfloor is subject to the level of open communication, and the exchange of information, between all parties. This includes the customer, the subfloor heating provider/contractor, and the flooring contractor.

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