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Cover Feature: EWP Choices

It’s been a rough few years for supplying many EWP options. We spoke with three Australian suppliers about the different ways they’ve delivered to their customers. By Donyale Harrison.

National Asbestos Awareness Month

A new awareness campaign urges homeowners and tradies not to be casual about asbestos risk.

Plantation Investment

The Victorian Government and Hancock Victorian Plantations have finalised a $120m agreement. We talked with HVP CEO Stephen Ryan about what this will, and won’t, mean. By Donyale Harrison.

Managing Bushfire Risks in Timber Buildings

La Niña may be hanging around but fire season looms on the horizon. Good timber choices can help mitigate worries. By Afzal Laphir, Principal Engineer, Meyer Timber.

The Termite Treatment Booklet

Timber Treatment Booklet

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